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Make Your Coolangatta Trip Incredibly Memorable

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 Jan 24th 2022 11:34am

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Are you planning a relaxing beach vacation? What about going to the southrn end of Queensland's Gold Coast? Coolangatta is the final stop on the Gold Coast's famous sandy beaches and world-class surf. The beach-side culture of the coastal suburb is well-known. There are cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs on the beach. But wait, there's more! At Coolangatta, you can also partake in thrilling adventures and get that heart racing!

Here's how you can make your Coolangatta trip incredibly memorable whilst staying with us at Kirra Surf Apartments;

Conquer your fear and skydive

Have you ever gone skydiving? Why not book at Gold Coast Skydive, a family-owned and operated local business that has been in operation since 1988.

Archie Jamieson, the current owner and chief instructor, was involved in establishing the business in 1988. Archie started skydiving in 1986. And while heavily involved in the competition side of the sport, he turned his passion into a career in 1994. In 2004 he returned to the Gold Coast as general manager of Gold Coast Skydive. Archie and his partner Samantha then purchased the company in 2008.

Gold Coast Skydive only uses the best equipment available. They also have an outstanding safety record, and all of their employees are highly qualified, professional, and enthusiastic. There are various packages available at Gold Coast Skydive. There is a Tandem Skydive option, as well as a photo and video option and, finally, a Skydive & Aerobatic option. They also have a Skydive Proposal if you want to propose uniquely.

Whichever option you choose, make sure to arrive at their Coolangatta office, located at 18 Coyne St, 15 minutes before your booking time. At their office, you must fill out all necessary forms. Then you'll meet your instructor and go through a 15-20 minute safety briefing. Then it's off to the Gold Coast Airport to board their twin-engine Piper Chieftain or Cessna 182 aircraft.

The Gold Coast Skydive adventure starts at the Gold Coast International Airport and ends at our very own, Kirra Beach. There is no better place in the world to make your first jump, with a fleet of three planes and views that will take your breath away. Are you ready to skydive?

Skydiving is a weather-dependent activity. But the best time to do this is in the early morning. This time will give you the best chance at jumping as the wind is the calmest early in the day.

Ride a bike and explore

Sometimes all you need to do is hop on a bike and ride around at your own leisure, exploring the local sights, whilst enjoying a coffee or two along the way. You can rent a bike from Kool Bike Hire in Coolangatta to help you with this relaxing adventure. Julian – the Kiwi-local since 2019 – runs Kool Bike Hire, a small family business.

Julian and his team are professional cyclists, so they can offer expert advice and gladly assist you in selecting the right bike. The shop rents out a variety of bikes suitable for both children and adults and performs servicing and repairs.

Among the bikes available from Kool Bike Hire are e-Bikes, Stand-up e-Bikes, Ladies Cruisers, Men's Beach Cruisers, Men's Mountain Bikes, Ladies Mountain Bikes, Scooters, and Fat Boys.

Did the E-bike catch your attention? It's not an electric motorcycle or even a scooter. It functions similarly to a standard bicycle and provides additional assistance when pedaling, such as accelerating from traffic lights, flattening uphills on your ride, or simply steaming along roads.

It is similar to the Stand-up e-Bike, but with more excitement. This Stand-up e-Bike is a DC Trike that does not require pedaling and is highly maneuverable with a zero turning radius. It's ideal for getting around town.

The Fat Boy from Kool Bike Hire is a fantastic scooter that you'll want to ride around Coolangatta on. It is not only fashionable but also comfortable and easy to ride. However, if you're going to ride around Coolangatta on a classic bike, there are the Ladies Cruisers and the Men's Beach Cruisers. Men's Mountain Bikes and Ladies Mountain Bikes are ideal for off-road adventures.

If you want to ride along the Gold Coast Highway or the North Coast, their Scooters are available for hourly, daily, and weekly hire. Also, locks and helmets are provided for free with all bike rentals.

Kirra Surf Apartments can be your home after a beautiful air & land adventure in Coolangatta. Make your reservation today!

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