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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Balloon Aloft is the absolute best way to see Queenland's beautiful Gold Coast. As one of Australia’s oldest and largest hot air ballooning companies. Balloon Aloft have been flying for over 25 years and have a perfect safety record. Their balloons are always maintained and we have regular safety audits.

They are the only Hot Air Balloon company specialising in flying over the Gold Coast! They know the area intimately and have spent a lot of time researching to determine the best and most breath-taking flight paths. All of our launch sites have been carefully selected. We work closely with Gold Coast City and focus on creating long lasting relations with farmers & other property owners around the Gold Coast, which allows us to choose from more launch and landing sites than other companies. Balloon Aloft is a local business in every sense of the word. The owners were born & raised in the hinterland regions of the Gold Coast and have more than 30 years of experience in the QLD tourism industry.

Float above the Clouds and experience the magic!